November 15, 2001:
Ok the band is back from its tour of France, Italy and the U.S. Midwest. Some pictures and more rambling notes will be posted soon. The new EP is available in most stores, and reviews are starting to come in. For the band, it's time to buckle down and finish tracks for the forthcoming LP (which really won't be realeased until May, probably).

September 25, 2001:
The new Elk City EP, the Sea is Fierce, will be released by WARM Electronic Recordings on October 23, 2001. We've got the promos in our hands as we speak, and they look great. Pick up a copy at your local record store or at finer online outlets.

The band will be touring in France and Italy in October and the southern and midwestern United States in November. Check back soon for official dates.

July 9, 2001:
Check out "This is Next Year," a great compilation of Brooklyn-based bands to be released July 17 by Arena Rock Recording Co. Elk City contributes the track "Three Ears". There will be two shows at the newly opened North Six Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to celebrate the release. Elk City will play at the second, on July 14, at 7:30pm. See the shows page for details.

June 26, 2001:
Good news for those concerned with Elk City's future! WARM Electronic Recordings (home of Crooked Fingers, Azure Ray & Empire State), from Athens, GA, will release the band's next two collections of recordings in the United States. The first, an EP titled "the Sea is Fierce", will be released October 23, 2001. The band will follow this EP with a full-length in early 2002. WARM has a production and distribution deal with Touch & Go, so, by all appearances, Elk City's music will actually be available in stores this time around! Elk City will also perform in the WARM showcase at the CMJ festival (Sept. 13-16) this year.

May 21, 2001:
Back from a jolly European tour, Elk City reacquaints itself with life in NYC . . . the horror! Watch for shows this summer in and around New York. Meanwhile, the band will commit to tape several new songs that have sprung up in the last month. Simultaenously, on the West Coast, filmmaker and culture guru James C. Taylor will begin editing the 60 odd hours of footage he and his omnipresent film crew captured of Elk City's French invasion--baguettes, brioche, and backstage antics we never suspected the Elks were even capable of. Check here for updates on when it will be available.

April 11, 2001:
Elk City will be performing live, April 30, in a "Black Session" on France Inter radio hosted by Bernard Lenoir. For details on how to listen online, visit Lenoir's Page at France Inter Radio. The band will then begin a two week tour of France, visiting Geneva and London as well. See Shows for details.

March 15, 2001:
French label Talitres Records releases "status" in France, also setting up distribution for the album in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. The band will visit Europe in early May for a string of shows in support of the album.

February 10, 2001:
Japanese label Contact Records includes Elk City's "Love's Like a Bomb" on its "Journey to End of Twilight" compilation featuring new bands from the North-East United States.

February 5, 2001:
Elk City continues to hide out in the WOMB working on its next full-length collection of songs.

January 2001:
Bernard Lenoir, the "John Peel of France," plays various Elk City songs throughout January on his nationally syndicated radio program, calling "status" one of his favorite albums of the moment.

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