October 2, 2002:
In unexpected and welcome news, Elk's City's "Summer Song" (from Hold Tight the Ropes) will be featured on a CD compilation included with every issue of German Rolling Stone in November. The Ropes will be released in Germany this month, thanks to Talitres Records (EC's French label and base of European operations) recently inking a deal with noted German distributor Zomba.

October 1, 2002:
The Elks will be opening for Luna in Barcelona and Madrid during their upcoming European tour. They leave October 15 and will be out for a month, hitting France, Italy, Spain and Greece--see the shows page for details.

September 10, 2002:
Dates are quickly coming together for the band's Fall 2002 European tour. The tour will span about four weeks from October 15 to November 17. Destinations include France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. A full list of tour dates will be up soon on the Shows page. In the meantime the band is turning its attention to a new batch of recordings.

July 11 02 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago
photo by Zoran Orlic

July 15 2002:
Hello to all the folks we met and drank with on our path to and from Chicago last week. Shout-outs go to Dropsonic, Steve of Copper Press, Aaron at the Lager House, Levi and Two Stars Burning Sun in Kalamazoo, Bruce at the Empty Bottle, and Jeffrey Brown, author of the charming, heart-rending novel "Clumsy."

THE NEW YORKER made it to an Elk City show recently and had this to say:

"Peter Langland-Hassan achieves a distinctive guitar style by having a thumb so long it wraps around much of the fret board. His versatile melodies and the occasional call-and-response songs with buoyant lead singer Renee LoBue make the New York band Elk City an energetic and sophisticated live act."

Also, there are new reviews of Hold Tight the Ropes on the reviews page, including the first person this side of the Atlantic to publicly suggest that The Ropes may be the best rock record of the year . . .

July 2, 2002:
After the show at Brownie's on Saturday night, Elk City is heading west for a week of shows...

May 28, 2002:
Elk City was recently on the cover of Episode, a Rennes, France based music magazine. Voila below . . .

April 15, 2002: Hold Tight the Ropes, Elk City's new LP, will be released in the US on WARM Electronic Recordings May 7, 2002. Talitres Records will release the album in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece and Benelux.

For those interested in such things: Elk City's publicist for Hold Tight the Ropes is Sonya Kolowrat of Midnight Feeding. Feel free to contact her if you feel like talking to someone about how great the new album is. Radio promotion for The Ropes will be handled by the deceptively ambitious southerners at Team Clermont.

Also, getting back to European countries, Ray is in Spain right now riding trains with Kathleen Carroll. You may recognize the name "Kathleen Carroll" from the well-received series of NY Times articles on the Fresh Air Fund last summer. Kathleen also reported on "Camp Mariah," a camp supported by R&B singer Mariah Carey that is not for children with serious emotional problems. They'll be back next week.

January 25, 2002:
New York (filed 3:32 pm): South Dakotan "it" band Elk City today announced the title of their forthcoming album. It will be called "Hold Tight the Ropes," possibly without capitalizations. The NYC folkrockers, recently charting at #1 in Brookings, SD, considered various other titles, including "Big Brown" and "Consider this . . ." but ultimately settled on "Hold Tight the Ropes" as the logical follow-up to their "the Sea is Fierce" EP. Said drummer Ray Ketchem, "'Hold Tight the Ropes' has the drama, the intrigue, the excitement we need. And, also, it does not completely suck like most of our other ideas." Added Peter Langland-Hassan, the first name in guitar-rock and longest last name in rock in general, "I like the hidden S&M tie-in. Now when people search for 'tight ropes,' we might pop up."
The band also today finished the songs for the LP and fedexed them out to Arizona to be mastered. The expected release date is May 7, 2002.

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