December 3, 2003:
EC plan to spend the winter months in the WOMB, recording new songs. Plans for a spring 2004 LP release are being worked out now.

November 19, 2003:
Elk City has been preparing for Saturday's show. It's been a fun under-taking, learning new songs and rendering them in a Bro JT kind of way. If you live in NYC, hope to see you at Southpaw!

October 27, 2003:
Renee has written a slew of new songs. Sessions for the band's next LP will begin in December in the WOMB with Ray producing.

What will the new Elk City sound like?
It may be too soon to say, but Patti Smith fronting T.Rex wouldn't be far off.

Synchronized Jamming w/Steve Wynn

July 25, 2003: The show at the Mercury Lounge last Wednesday was a blast--especially when Steve Wynn graced the stage with us for a couple numbers off of the Dream Syndicate's classic album The Days of Wine and Roses. Looks like we'll be sharing a bill or two with Steve's band in the fall..stay tuned.

June 4, 2003: Hi folks, it's not that there's hasn't been any news since late winter, it's just that we tend to forget that we have this part of the website.

So what, really, has been going on?

A couple months ago Ray recorded and co-produced (in the WOMB) a portion of the new Mink Lungs album, I'll Take It, released this week on Arena Rock Recordings. Here's a picture of the album cover:

He'll Take It
New Mink Lungs Album

The last few weeks have found Ray recording the new Mendoza Line LP at the WOMB, while simultaneously continuing to mix new Elk City songs. This is what we mean when we talk about the multi-track mind of Ray Ketchem. Advance listening to at least one of these new EC songs is possible on the Southpaw juke box.

Attendees to recent concerts have witnessed the sucessful implementaion of the PLH foot organ. In addition, band officials say that a new canted-angle keyboard stand may provide a modern dynanism to Renee LoBue's piano-bass rig. The streamlined stand--potentially on display at upcoming concerts--is very much of the moment, suggesting action, freedom, spontenaity, and rockingness.

February 25, 2003: Elk City's "Summer Song" from Hold Tight the Ropes leads off Flak Magazine's Best of 2002 compilation. In fact, the compilation, titled Got No Songs on the Radio, takes its name from the surprisingly prescient lyrics to "Summer Song." They even offer a free download of the track here. Thanks, Flak.

February 18, 2003: A month passes and...Elk City is still working on their next record. The Dream Syndicate's Days of Wine and Roses has been sounding particularly good recently. Also, The Feelies' Time for a Witness seems to be a criminally underrated album...if it ever got rated at all.

January 13, 2003: Elk City is working on their next record. They are trying to concentrate. But of course they don't want to over-think it. The governing concept, say sources close to the band, is to make an album that sounds like what an objectively good album would sound like, were we to have knowledge of what that sound might be.

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