July 7, 2004:
Recording of the new LP continues.

Clockwise from top left: Renee LoBue, Brother JT, Ray Ketchem, Ed Tomney

(We realize this website needs to be updated more often, but we're honestly very busy trying to get our new record done. We hope to launch an entirely new website in time for the release of our new LP.)

April 6, 2004:
Things are going well in the studio thus far on our new album. We've recorded basic tracks for 8 songs. Yes, we've got a lot to go, but we'll be coming out of hiding on Sat. April 17 to play at Sin-e with The Mendoza Line.

March 21, 2004:
Elk City got mentioned in a Sunday New York Times article titled, "New New York Rockers Follow Their Gloom" by Ben Sisario.

February 9, 2004:
Rehearsals began last week for the recording of the new Elk City LP. The band will record at least 15 new songs before narrowing the list down to a 'traditional' LP length. There are guest appearances planned and plenty of surprises in store. This LP will mark a new phase for the band. We're excited to get started. Stay tuned . . .

January 13, 2004:
From this week's Village Voice:
" . . .The incredibly unique, gloriously melodic, and pleasingly dissonant Elk City are joined on guitar by Drag City recording artist Brother JT, who offers his unique flavoring to songs from the band's forthcoming album, Songs From Captain Goodtimes." - Switzer

January 1, 2004:
Happy New Year!
On January 17 Elk City will begin 2004 by playing with Clem Snide at Sin-e in NYC. Joining us on guitar once again will be Brother JT! We promised ourselves we would hibernate all winter making our new LP, but this show was too good to pass up. If you live in NY, we really hope you can make it.
Oh, check the jampage for a few tasty bits from our last jam session with our friend Sean from Luna.

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